Ten Minute Technique: Steering the Bow

Got some kinks in your bow arm? Do you or your students struggle to draw a straight bow? Would you like to become better at changing contact points to add nuances in shape and color?

This Ten Minute Technique focuses on the mechanics of drawing whole bows within one contact point between the bridge and the fingerboard AND the adjusting mechanisms involved in playing with varied contact points.

We start by exploring some of the functional movements of the arm, hand, fingers, and even shoulder blade, neck, and collarbone. Discovering new function in some of these “forgotten” places can make the resulting action more fluid. We will also look at the specific mechanics of steering the bow from an animated graphic model of how hinges work. Bringing this concept to life with all of the complex nuances of this relationship between body and instrument will, I hope, provide you with new insights into bow technique and artistry!

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