Ten Minute Technique: Left Hand Tension I

Do you struggle with left hand tension? Do you find it takes more effort to play on lower strings or with certain fingers? Do you experience discomfort in your left shoulder, elbow, or wrist?

This is the first of a series of Ten Minute Techniques devoted to reducing unwanted tension in left hand technique. This particular lesson focuses on finding a comfortable range of motion in both the rotation of the upper arm and the pronation/supination of the forearm.

Many upper string players experience discomfort, sluggishness, weakness, and even pain due to playing for extended periods of time at the far end of their range of motion, due to the positional demands of the instrument and the demands of our repertoire in speed, precision, and endurance.

This lesson focuses on becoming aware of the distinctions in movements involved in playing and in finding a comfortable range in which to access all fingers on all strings with efficiency and accuracy. I hope this adds new freedom to your practice and playing!

One thought on “Ten Minute Technique: Left Hand Tension I

  1. Thank you Lisa! That was really interesting and I want to repeat it. I found that I was not having that feeling of tension on the G string. I am more curious about this now. Is it vibrato? Getting my hand into a position that can vibrate? My thumb position seems much lower on the top strings; on the G string the thumb seems higher, I’m sometimes almost resting on the fleshy part below the thumb?? I’m having some Kato Havas flashes I think.


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